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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding StevenageDo you need to know a bit of background on the Stevenage floor sanding company SG1? Briefly, 20 years ago we began as a small family business with the intention of providing homes and firms across the local area with a reliable, professional and affordable floor sanding and finishing service. We swiftly earned a reputation for being the best and for approaching our work with a real passion for wood that was reflected in our results.​



Floor Sanding & Finishing services by  professionalists in Floor Sanding StevenageWe think natural wood is one of the most beautiful materials on the planet, and we cannot understand why so many people ignore their wooden floorboards, regarding them merely as supports for their fitted carpets. When the Stevenage floor sanding and renovation experts have finished with them you’ll wonder where they’d been all your life. We take great pains to tailor our treatment for every floor we encounter, to coax out its inner beauty and allow it to grace your home or business.




Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding StevenageIt’s crucial to us that we establish a friendly and productive relationship with our customers from the outset. To bring out your wooden floor’s full potential we need to work closely together to decide on the most appropriate finish, for example. Our aim is always to leave you with a great new floor and a brilliant impression of the Stevenage floor sanding and finishing team.




Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Floor Sanding StevenageWe take our green credentials with the utmost seriousness. Our complete range of stains and other finishes is entirely eco-friendly and where we replace damaged tiling and floorboards we go to sustainable resources. Our sanding machines, likewise, are cutting-edge, energy efficient and retain nearly all of the dust they generate.​

Take a look through some of our customer Testimonials to see why owners of residential properties and businesses across Stevenage are calling us in to renovate their wooden flooring.

Contact us today by phone or email to book your free on-site assessment and we’ll get the process of transforming your floor underway. You’ll even receive a free wood floor cleaning kit when we’ve completed the project.    

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